Green Spikey Ball

Freedom Feet


When used correctly, massage balls can be used to perform effective self massage exercises or muscle release techniques, simulating the effects of a sports massage.  Simply place the spikey massage ball in the specified areas and slowly move your body forward, backwards or side to side allowing the spikey ball to massage the area.  Breathe normally body relaxed.  Repeat this process for 15-90 seconds provided it is comfortable and does not cause pain.  You can also apply sustained pressure to a particular tight spot for periods of 15-60 seconds or until the muscle relaxes.


No responsibility or liability is accepted for any loss or damage suffered by any person as a result of adopting the information or recommendations.  You should discuss the suitability of these exercises with your physiotherapist prior to beginning them.  Generally they should only be performed provided they do not cause or increase pain.

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