What are Vibram Five Fingers?

Feet have evolved to be perfectly designed to transport us bipedal humans through a large variety of terrains. We have 5 short toes, a dynamic sprung supportive arch made from a complex arrangement of bones, joints, ligamanets and tendons, and a big achilles tendon. 

Vibram® FiveFingers® are shoes that celebrate your feet for being what they are - right down to the baby toe. The individual toe pockets allow the toes to move freely, the absence of cushioning allows your arch to function in the way it has evolved to function, and the thin rubber sole allows you greater sensation from your supporting surface than ever before, while still protecting you from the elements and giving you superior grip.

Vibram® are an Italian family owned company who have been designing premium rubber soles for sports and outdoor shoes for over 70 years. Their innovative engineering of rubber soles led them to design the extremely durable and lightweight material required to make the ultimate "barefoot shoe".