Freedom Feet biodynamic footwear

As Physiotherapists we embrace human movement, and have a passion for teaching people to learn to move freely again or for some, for the very first time. We know how fantastically our body works as an integrated whole and we know how amazing the nervous system is at integrating every aspect of our bodies with our internal and external environments.

Our feet and hands are the two parts of our bodies that interact the most with our environment, and we use the positioning and stimulation of these body parts extensively during rehabilitation and training. Taking off your shoes is the first step in the process of using this great sensory tool. Since all our urban and social environments don't allow us to be without shoes all the time, we discovered the great alternative that minimalist footwear presents, with some added benefits too!

Freedom Feet is a Wellington, New Zealand based dedicated stockist of minimalist shoes, in particular Vibram® FiveFingers® and accessories for these shoes and their associated activities, including Toe-Toe and Injinji socks and SPI belts to carry your fuel.

Barefoot running has become the most popular activity in the shoes but we also regularly fit clients for more diverse activities from parkour to Pilates, fishing, martial arts, tramping, climbing, sailing, boating, planking, trekking and dance. In fact, many people love the comfort and the flexibility of the shoes so much they wear them everyday for everything, us included.


We hope you enjoy the journey with us.